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Recolored Grumpy Cat Shirts - Yay or ney?

Okay, so I guess all of you remember that I had entered the I Can Has Cats Design Contest on WeLoveFine in december.
Well, unfortunately, but not really unexpected, I didn't win.
However, lots of people have expressed their interest in my Grumpy Cat Shirt [link] and some even asked me if I sold them, no matter if I won or not. I've been seriously consindering it these days.

I have written to the owner of Grumy Cat, asking if it was okay to sell T-shirts featuring her cat or if there was a copyright issue with doing so.
That was about a week ago and I didn't recieve an answer yet, and I'm actually having doubts about my mail ever being answered.

Sooo, I was thinking... Would you guys still be interested if I sold those shirts if they didn't have Grumpy on them, but maybe some other cat species? Maybe even some custom shirts of your cat character?

Please tell me your opinions about this, I'm really not sure about offering something if I can't be sure people will actually buy it. ^^;

Thanks in advance!
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Probably Dead Account

Sooo, it's been a while since I made a journal entry.

I don't know, nobody's really been reading what I've been posting over here anyway, and most of the accounts of people I follow already expired or got closed. If you still want to follow me, you can find me on Twitter ( and I have a Google+ and two Tumblr-Blogs I'm using from time to time.

Sooo, is there sill anyone out there? Or did all my followers die, too?
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(no subject)

Chilling at university right now. Lecturer is late.

I dunno... I'm kinda nit feeling well about the fact that winter approaches :/ It's getting so cold these days, especially in the mornings and at night, it's really kinda annoying. I want the warmth back... I mean, it was like -2°C this morning already Oo That's f*cking cold!
The only thing I'm looking forward to right now is christmas and the first snow. Because christmas is awesome like that and if the snow will come with the same timing like last year, that'd be pretty awesome.(Came in the same week as christmas and went a few days after new years.)
Talking about new years, still not sure how I want to spend it :/ Would really like to spend it with Aki and Tarka again, but at the same time I got invited by Silberwolf, Moony and Cocoa to celebrate with them. I'd also like to be with Sitshl though. Gotta see how I'll work on this.

...Yes, art is being neglected. Blame the feelings and the winter downs, bitches.
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HELP! In need of a good and free animation progamm!

It's what the headline says.

I'm in desperate need of a good and free animation program, as I found out that Animake seems to go on strike if the icon I want to animate is too large or whatever...
I've been looking for some others on the net, but I cannot find any that either don't lag or suck because there are some essential tools missing (i.e. changing picture size, etc.).

So, do you know any? :/ I'd really like some help with this, I need some commission work to get done asap...

Ugh... I miss Adobe ImageReady... T_T
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Moved + Other things


Yeah, I ain't.
I moved three weeks ago to my very own flat :D Awesome, huh? Yeah.
A few months ago I was still living with jackwuff because my university is closer to him than it is to my parents place. But I decided that it's better for my mental health if I got something on my own as soon as possible, so I did that and got one just around the corner. The past two months I was having my summer break and moved back to my parents during that time.
And, well yeah, just a while ago I moved here :3 It's a very nice place, pretty quiet and the neighbors are nice, too. And even better, zhenypuh might be moving here soon as well 8'D Becuz she applied for my university and the flat above and below me is still empty. Whatever, you can do the thinking.

AAAND, yeah, got my internet installed just yesterday, so I'm sorry about being inactive for so long and especially sorry to the people I still owe commissions and art trades to >_< I'm sorry. I will catch up with/upload them soon, just need to catch up with all the messages I received during my offline time.

And also, Glitch Diaries is coming along well, just need to do a few more as I want to upload a few comics after another :)
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Question: Glitch Diary

Poll #1766825 Glitch Diary: Yes or No?

Glitch Diary: Yes or No?

Yes plz, comic strips ftw!
No, I don't need any more lame jokes!
Depends on the Games.
You're not funny enough for that! >:C

Eeehm, yes, well... How to start this? Let me tell you a story:

When I was still younger, I used to draw random comic strips about funny things happening to me in video games. Those were mostly glitch- or bug-related, or just slapstick jokes I came up with after thinking about certain in-game situations a little more. Those were mostly crappy sketches that nobody got but me, mostly because I didn't have any friends back then... e_e" But whatever.

Last weekend was AnimagiC again. Had a blast. Like every year, Aki and Tarka were staying with me. We were talking an awefull lot about video games, glitches, bugs and funny situations, like the comics I made comics about back then. I have this horrible habit to imagine everything somebody says literally. Really... That's not nice. But that also counts for these stories we told each other. I had the urge to draw what we told each other... In comic form, like I did years back.

Yet I'm unsure about this... I'm scared that I will stop doing these sooner or later, just like I did that time. Apart from that I am also unsure if anyone will read them. I know that most of my watchers are either interested in furry art or anime art, I don't know if they're into games or not. That's basically a question to you then "|D

I don't know, I'm unsure. What do you think? Encourage me! D8
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Saving Money

Poll #1759631 What Con to spend my money on?

What Con to spend my money on?

AnimagiC 2011
gamescom 2011

As some of you might know there are some changes going on my life right now, new university, new city, soon-to-be new flat... All those changes have been a little expensive for me, I must admit... So I actually gotta save money where ever I can. ^^"

That doesn't hold me back from going to my two favorite Cons again this year, oh no... But as you know (or maybe you don't, I dunno O.o) there are all kinds of salesmen around these Cons, for AnimagiC that would be all kind of anime-merchandise and -life-style stuff, on gamescom it'll be game-merchandise. I love video games a lot and so I also like to spend my money on them and their merchandise, but they're also very expensive... But so are the good things being sold at AnimagiC >.<" Gnarr, I just cannot decide...

Wanted to do this poll because I thought maybe you could help me :/ My money will probably only be enough to be spent on one of these, so... If you could help me and vote, I'd be really happy about it :)
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R.I.P. Nanao

It was about 4 years ago that we first met.
And it was about 6 years ago when I first decided I wanted an MP3-player.
I used to have two other MP3-players before you. I don't know their brands anymore. I just remembered that my first one only had 1GB and along with this not enough space for my MP3s. I got my second one because of 2GB space and because he was looking good. The truth was though that he was incredibly slow, it took minutes for it to scroll down or to select something, as the buttons appeared to be cheap as well. It wasn't long after that I decided to change schools.

There I met my best friend, Indis. We became friends after a while, and for her birthday she received an iPod nano, 3rd generation. My dad pretty much raised me with Macintosh's, and I was always more fond of PCs, because during my childhood there weren't as many program's running on the mac as well as the PCs. So I wasn't really thinking of this iPod as cool, or awesome.
Because we used to hang out a lot, she showed me everything her iPod was able to do. I always had to compare it to the crappy MP3-player I used that time (the slow one), and my decision was quickly made: I wanted one too.
So I went home and told my dad (as he is an Apple-Geek and knows the best places to get them) and a few days later, a package arrived, so I opened it. And so, I met you.

You weren't just an ordinary MP3-players like the others used to be. You had 4GB of storage and you never ran out of it. You were with me during my hard times in live, including a lot of fan-flashes which made me out all 'important' music and videos onto you. You accompanied me through all 3 of my relationships and the break-ups. You traveled the world with me. And even though you've been with me all these times, you have always been working the way you were supposed to be. After these 4 years, the only thing happening to you were your buttons getting rusty, but nothing that bothered me much.
Who knows how much more time we could have spent together...

Saturday evening, 4th of June, I made an unforgivable mistake.
As I was out doing the laundry, I accidentally put you into the washing machine with my clothes, simply because I didn't check my pockets... I only noticed when I got one of my trousers out. jackwuff tried to save him the whole evening, but we were pretty sure there was no way we could revive him... iscin and whiteandblue09 gave me good tips on how I to save you, but ut was too late.

You can't imagine how sad I am at this point. All the times we spent together feel like decades to me. And that day I realized I hadn't even given you a name. Just a few minutes before your death, I decided what I want to call you:


R.I.P. Nanao, you have always been a faithful friend to me!

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Hurry hurry!

*is runing past you, totally stressed**is coming back, panting* Oh hai thar! *pant* Long time *pant* not seen…! *falls over* x.x"

No, really. I'm a teeeeeenie weenie stressed right. I'm writing this from the train station as I wouldn't have had time anywhere else x_x

School had just started for me three weeks ago, can't really complain as the new school is pretty awesome, got kickass classmates, the teachers are (mostly) nice and the subjects may not all seem useful to me, but still much more useful than our math and geography classes used to be at my old school <_<' The thing is just that I almost don't have time for anything right now, having school from 8:45 am to 5:30 pm, I'm home about an hour later, then doing school works and anything alike… I'm acctually glad I'm not leaving my head behind after all those things I have to organize and finish O_o

So yeah, please excuse my inactivity and offline beeing, I'm glad whenever I find the time to work on commissions.(sadly due to those I also haven't been able to do any personal art lately… but my money's really short at the time, so I should be happy about everyone I get :/ Thanks to all the patient commissioners at this point, too.)

Anything else I have been up to lately…? Been to Mephit Minicon last month, and I'll be attending Cologne Furdance again next weekend. I have lately discovered my love for the Silent Hill games (or rather Akira Yamaokas music, ESPECIALLY the music!) and, um… Well, my life's just boring like that ^^'

'Sup then? Did I miss something?

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Guess who was accepted?

I know I should have written this waaay sooner as I got the news on monday already, but this week was just plain horror so I didn't have time or just forgot to.

So guess who was accepted at the academy she applied to?

Damn right! This cheetagon! :D *points at herself*
Had the interview last monday, and even though I was nervous as hell, it was kinda obvious that the guy wanted me there after taking a slight view at my pictures... He just looked slightly through all of them and never criticized me or anything, he seemed a little amazed actualy, even though he showed me the works he had done and they were SO much better D= I felt very relieved when he said that I can study at their academy. First day of school is may 11th *gasp*

Sooo, that basically means I only have one week of my regular school left, and then there three weeks of vacations for me. During that time I have to move somewhere closer to the academy (it would be 1 1/2 hours going by train D:), getting required materials like pencils etc. and blahblahblah...

And whatever, that's just what I wanted to tell you C: I feel like I'm officially awesome now.